NGR's staff has several decades of underground and surface mining experience, including all phases of mine development and production. A few of our mining projects included the Ashdown Molybdenum Mine, the Independence Silver Mine, the Billali Gold Mine and many other mining projects around the world. We offer consulting and mine contracting for underground development work. With experience in both mining and millwright services, NGR can help you find solutions to some of the most difficult tasks. See below for a detailed list of services.


  • Contract mining development for underground or surface mining.


  • Mine rehabilitation, bolt & wire, steel/timber sets, spiling method mining, and slurry backfill.


  • Mine dewatering and long term water management design.

  • Mine reclamation services including mass grading, equipment removal, capping and revegetation.


  • Mine permitting and compliance management.


  • ATF Blasting License.


  • MSHA Instructors.

Mining Services