Construction Services

Nevada Grading Resources is a licensed contractor in the State of Nevada State and registered contractor with the Federal Government. Our experience in the heavy civil industry includes mass grading, underground utilities, storm drainage, finish grading, road construction, concrete foundations & piers, and structural steel erection. These are a few examples of projects complete by the management of Nevada Grading Resources.


- Cyan Residential Development – Reno, Nevada, 2006 through 2008

  Managed the mass grading, road construction and underground utilities for a 1,500 + lot subdivision with 36 acres of commercial development.

- Miramonte Residential Development – Sparks, Nevada, 2005 through 2008

  Managed the mass grading, road construction, and underground utilities for a 800 + lot subdivision with a 1.5mil gallon municipal water tank.

- Coco Hondo Site Development, El Bagre, Colombia, S.A., 2008 – 2010

  Managed the mass grading, utilities, pedestrian bridge construction and security measures for two mine sites along the Nechi River in Colombia,    South America.

- Seshwi Awaso Access Road Construction, Awaso, Western Territory, Ghana, Africa, 2011 - 2012

  Managed the construction of a 22-kilometer access road for multiple mining concessions. The construction included four vehicle bridges                designed and built for the purpose of transporting heavy equipment across open channels.   

- Makokilo Aggregate Pit Expansion Project, Oahu, Hawaii, 2015

  Managed the erection of a multi-million-dollar equipment expansion including the installation of all the structural steel and crushing & screening      equipment for the pit.

- Marlette Lake Access Road Construction, Gov’t Contract, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 2015

  Managed the construction of a Department of Forestry access road in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Including bank stabilization, geo-fabric    installation and storm drain construction.